April 16, 2017
April 18, 2017
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Berco’s technologically advanced disc and brake lathe/grinder belongs to the 2000 machine series, intended for reconditioning internal combustion engines and brakes.

A highly innovative characteristic of the MTD 2000 is the CNC Controlled X and Z axes which driven by variable speed motors through ball bearing lead screws, grants continuous control of the spindle rotation speed.

The impressive and highly productive performance of the MTD 2000 is due to its rugged structure, simplified by the introduction of powerful and reliable electronics, designed by Berco engineers, the machine has been customized according to the special requirements of the end user.



Main Characteristics:

BASE: Carriage and spindle head casted from high-resistant and damping cast iron.

DC Motor driven saddles by mean of precision ball bearing lead screws and ground slide ways of adjusting conic type taper gibs.

CNC Disc and brake automatic turning with linear interpolation of the axes X and Z (conical turning flywheels) independent of form.

Electronic hand wheels controlling X and Z axes allow half-automatic and fully manual operation.

Electronically controlled limit switches.

Electronically controlled spindle rotation speed, synchronized with the X and Z axes for programming the required feed breaks electronic control of the constant cutting speed when altering the turning diameter.

Complete set of accessories available for disc and brake turning (eventually mounted on dual wheels) and for tangential grinding of machined surfaces.

Additional Information

MTD 2000


Brake Lathe

Brake Drum Turning range

150 – 1000 mm

Brake Drum Grinding Range

175 – 1000 mm

Min. & Max Diameter of brake drums and flywheel admitted

120 – 800 mm

Max. Dia. of the wheel with outboard support attachment

1500 mm

Variable feed of the turning and grinding carriages

0-2 mm

Variable spindle rotation speed

20-150 rpm

useful tool bar travel (Drum turning)

130 mm

Rapid feed speed of the two axes

3000 mm/min

Max. truning thickness (disc)

70 mm

Max. drm turning depth

420 mm

Max. drum grinding depth

420 mm

Max. Automatic carriagge traverse in either direction (Z axis)

450 mm

Max. Automatic carriagge cross in either direction (X axis)

185 mm




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