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July 3, 2017
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Main Welder Features :

  • Pneumatic operated suspended gun, with integrated TE300 microprocessor welding control unit.
  • High Productivity achieved with rational design, reduced dimensions, high welding capacity.
  • High electric efficiency.
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Totally enclosed, rubber protected for easy and safe operation.
  • Gyro suspension on sealed bearings together with a spring balancer guarantees accurate maneuverability at any degree.
  • Rotation locking device.
  • Large selection of arms, enabling to set-up the welder according to the work exigencies.
  • Chrome-copper electrode-holders for heavy duty and long life, designed for both straight and angled assembling.
  • Adjustable electrodes distance, adjustable short working stroke for heavy duty.
  • Temporary extra stroke to reach the areas to be welded.
  • Long working stroke to weld reinforcement ribs, jobs in areas difficult to be reached.
  • Water-cooled transformer, with epoxy resin coated windings.
  • Water cooled arms, electrode-holders and electrodes.
  • Synchronous SCR contactor insulated from cooling water circuit with protection thermostat.
  • Oiless chromium plated cylinder and shaft for heavy duty operation and long life.
  • Safety device placed on the handle preventing any accidental start.
  • Supplied complete with earth leakage switch with safety control.
  • Quick replacement of the supply cable; it is not necessary to open up the welder to carry out this operation.

The Standard Supply Includes :

  • Suspended spot gun with the chosen built-in control unit.
  • Earth leakage and circuit breaker switch.
  • Emergency push-button to stop the machine immediately.
  • Filter assembly with compressed air regulation device.
  • EC Standard.
  • Supply cables and hoses 6.5 m length.
Additional Information
Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 330 x 1120 x 630 mm





380V / 60Hz / 3PH – LTYPE 23 KVA WITH TE 300



Nominal Power at 50%

23 kVA

Maximum Welding Power

52 kVA

Short circuit current

16.5 kA

Thermal current 100%


No Load secondary Voltage

3.8 volt

Supply Voltage 60Hz

380 volt

Cables section L=30m

16 mm2

Delayed fuses

40 A

Arms spacing

225 mm

Min. arms length

250 mm

Max. arms length

650 mm

Max. electrode force (6 bar)

113 daN

Working Stroke

15-60 mm

Maximum stroke

84-120 mm

Compressed air supply

6.5 bar

Air Consumption for 1000 spots at 5 bar

4 Nm3

Hose inside diameter

10 mm

Water Cooling

7 l/min

Max. M.S. sheet thickness
with shorter arms

3.5-3.5 mm

with 508 mm arms

3+3 mm

with longest arms

2+2 mm

corss wire max. diameter

12+12 mm

spots per min.

1+1 Class A : 80
1.5+1.5 Class A : 32
2+2 Class A : 16

Net Weight Including Cables, Hoses, gyro suspension and shortest arms

55 kg

Spring Balancer

Short Arms Capacity : 55-65 kg.
Long Arms Capacity : 65-75 kg.

Packing Cardboard Box

330 x 1120 x 630 mm

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